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Catherine is a gem in the world of digital marketing. She has a passion that few could even imagine. Her knowledge and energy make her a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for better traffic, better exposure and greater conversions, Catherine and her crew are your one stop shop for better search engine rankings.

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SEOwhat is a full-service Digital Marketing Company delivering result driven web based marketing solutions to companies of all sizes. For more than eight years, we’ve helped businesses dominate their industries, realize their potential and maximize ROI. Learn how we can help you rise to the top of your market.

Stop losing traffic and sales with unattractive and ineffective designs. Whether its website design, or graphics, how you look makes a difference to potential customers. Professional looking images can drive sales or turn them away flat. Learn how we can make your projects successful.

Don’t waste another dime consulting with other so-called experts, the proof is in the pudding and we have lots of pudding. We specialize in highly personalized custom SEO consulting as well as design for conversion & site architectural consulting. Learn how we can put our skills to work for you.

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What We’re Talking About

Are You Ready For the Mobile Update? Mobilegeddon is Here

Alright people, Google is at is again.. If you haven’t heard already, but April 21 is the big day. Google will be implementing some new changes to their algorithm on this day, even though it seems they may have already started applying some of these changes. The bottom line is this; Google will not be…


The new Foursquare is here!

Can you believe Foursquare has been around for nearly five years?! We here at SEOwhat love Foursquare – we use it for work-related check-ins, check-ins with friends, and for personal check-ins. Foursquare makes it easy to connect with friends while on the go, discover new places and new people, and reveal tips and tidbits about…


Google Webmaster Tools Adds New Feature

If youhave ever used Google Webmaster Tools for business – you realize how important of a tool it is. About a week ago Google added a new feature within Google Webmaster Tools that will be very affective for many webmasters. Google is now showing webmasters if they have a manual penalty against them. According to…


Has Your Website Turned into a Hot Mess?

Speaking of Hollywood tag lines, celebrities are more similar to your website than you think. Celebrity ce·leb·ri·ty (Noun): a famous person. How do these people get famous? Some are caught by the media by a viral video, some have a parent in the industry and some work their duppa off only to be rewarded with…