is a leader and a pioneer in the Digital Marketing World, SEOwhat founded in 2004 by an Internet Marketing expert Catherine Seven, that has lead this field since 1996.
We believe that an effective search engine optimization strategy builds presence, improves rankings, increases visitor frequency and site traffic while also considering consumer usability, and conversion. In order to achieve these goals, we offer our clients custom SEO packages based on their business size, needs and objectives. In addition, our variety of strong skillsets assures that your SEO objectives can align with your strategic marketing spectrum.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

No - We are doing digital marketing but no defined strategy 50%
Its integrated into our regular marketing strategy 44%
Yes 16%
Resources: Since 2012 Smart Insights run an informal poll to see how widely used digital marketing strategies are. Results they been quite shocking… with around two-thirds to three quarters not have a digital marketing plan. It seems that many are doing digital marketing without a prioritized plan of activities to integrate online marketing… Smart Insights did the research on there free Managing Digital Marketing report published in 2015 they were interested to see how this percentage looked for a defined sample. Resource

From content enhancement to campaign creation, press releases to email and PPC campaigns, can assist you with all your digital marketing needs.


Your customers are active on social media sites, is your business? Social Media is now a necessary part of your digital marketing mix! Be present, and all social media to brand, interact & maintain long lasting relationships with customers, share your brand identity & engage with your customer base. Social Media is all about engaging with your customers and talking with them instead of at them. can help you build social media outlets, maintain and even train you for your social circles.