When it comes to making sure you’re website is primed and ready for search engine rankings.
SEOwhat.com is the superior service provider you do not want to be without.

At SEOwhat, we believe that an effective search engine optimization strategy builds presence, improves rankings, increases visitor frequency and site traffic while also considering consumer usability, and conversion. In order to achieve these goals, we offer our clients SEO packages based on their business size, needs and objectives. In addition, our variety of strong skillsets assures that your SEO objectives can align with your strategic marketing spectrum: including organic and paid search results, website design and development, collateral design and printing, social media creation and management as well as a host of diversified internet marketing vehicles.

What… SEO… what… taking the ? out of SEO, one site at a time….


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Reaching the organic audience is what (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is all about.
Organic Ingredients

Step 1 full on-page off-page analysis

This is your first step with SEOwhat.com – This report lists the missing ingredients for the “secret sauce” that your site is missing.
Optimization and Analysis Reporting – This is a 6-7 page report listing recommendations for both immediate and long-term changes. – In addition to the straight forward advice concerning your Web pages, we provide detailed information on many parameters of your page that affect your rankings.

Get a Better Understanding of where your website stands with a Step 1 Website Review by SEOwhat.com

Competitive Analysis

This is for better search engine ranking performance. SEOwhat studies the sites of all your competitors who have high search engine rankings and explores keywords for which they are ranked. We then analyze your current site’s meta structure, along with visitor profiles and recent web statistics to compile a keyword rich strategy that can be implemented in order to compete for your maximum benefit.


Website Analysis

Here at SEOwhat we call this the Step 1…. Step 1 into getting your Internet Marketing plan ready to execute. We dont want to start a social media campaign or SEO campaign if your site isn’t ready… this step will show you what needs to be done, and allow yourself or our experts to get your site “Google Ready” If google doesnt like your site… no one will see it

Structural Optimization

SEOwhat works with you on how your site is laid out, this factor plays well with the Code Optimization that SEOwhat offers as well, Structural components to your site may and have affected many sites. SEOwhat.com will look at how your header, navigation, content, footer and internal link structure. This way when the bots are indexing your site they get the food they need when they need it.


SEO Strategic Development

Not every site is the same, some terms have a over saturation of competitors, and some don’t. SEOwhat will analyze your site and your competition to find the best strategy that will increase your traffic, organic rankings and website presence.

Code Optimization

Search Engine bots cant visually see how your site looks, it indexes and crawls based on the files on your server… what that means is… Yes Google needs Pretty Code! If your site’s code is outdated, broken HTML and more this can actually HURT you from being ranked – Be ahead of the game, don’t have the 90’s Call and ask for there site back.


Keyword Research and Analysis

One of the basic steps in search engine optimization is keyword research. Here competitive keywords relating to the site and unique to your domain are found. Keyword research is done to maximize the impact of search engine optimization. When your site ranks well, more relevant customers come to the site leading to an increase in conversions and hence income for the site. The accurate identification and careful selection of these important keywords and key phrases can literally make or break any web site or online business.

Meta Tags Optimization

Revamping and optimizing your website metas’ position insures that your head tags are in proper order to be absorbed by search engine bots (aka spiders, robots, crawlers). SEOwhat revamps and improves the organization and flow of the <head> content in your source code as well as makes sure your <title> and meta tags are up to the current pattern per the bots’ request. Contact us for a free consultation or review on online store options.
Creation of Meta Information (title, description, keywords)
Meta information is used to provide additional information about HTML documents so that the search engine crawlers are able to index the information more accurately. There are 3 important types of Meta tags as far as search engine optimization is concerned: Title Tags, Meta Description Tags and Meta keyword Tags. At SEOwhat you can be assured that the Tag content on your website is up to par for search engine optimization!

<Title> Tag: The Title tag is not a Meta tag. However title tags play a vital role in your site’s rankings. It is these words or phrases that appear in the title of your page in the hyperlink listings on the search engine results. SEOwhat includes the most relevant and specific keywords or key phrases in the title tag that best describe the contents of the page. To be certain your title tags are spot on, first consider having SEOwhat perform a keyword analysis or if you know the keywords you wish to pursue review our online store options.
<Meta = Description> Description: This gives a short and concise summary of the content of your web page. The description appears in the SEs just below the title tag. SEOwhat ensures that the meta description tag is brief but includes some of your top keywords. The words used must inspire the visitor to check your site out further. Each page must be customized so all your web pages will not have the same meta tag descriptions.
<Meta = keywords tag> Keywords: Although not as relevant as the other tags mentioned above, the Meta keywords tag is still recognized by some SEs. SEOwhat includes a number of meta keywords for you that are relevant to the content of your web pages.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is rewriting the text on your site in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly while remaining appealing to the surfer. Keywords relevant to your site are optimized so that your site ranks high when search engines crawl your site. At SEOwhat, our copywriting services include modifying your site headings, HTML text, layout, design and even images where needed. Some pages may only require a small amount of editing or none at all, whereas others may need a more extensive rewrite, it all depends on your particular circumstance.


Link Popularity Building

Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your site on the web. There are other terms used for Link Popularity, such as Link building, In Bound Links, Back Links, etc. Link popularity building through high quality links is vastly important in order to establish rich results in search engine rankings. Contact us for a free consultation on how to improve your link building or review on online store options.


Meta Data Optimization

One of the most basic ‘must-haves’ in order to gain proper search engine results is the correct meta data. Meta Data is information within the code of your website that tells Google who you are, what you are about, and the type of categories in which you prefer to be included. Make sure your website has all the appropriate meta data and let SEOwhat take care of that for you.


Site Map Creation and Submission

The creation of a site map page enables SE spiders better crawling of your site. It also helps visitors to quickly scan your whole site for relevant information. A link and a short description of that link is created for each page of your site. The site map page is then added to your main navigation menu.


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