C7-New-Logo“The last few years Google has made it harder for Webmasters to gain visibility organically, & many are reaching into their pockets and pulling funds for PPC. SEO’ers have seen a big shift in how/what is the right approach to SEO. I feel like my tiny world has come full circle. Why?  Before SEOwhat I started with Consulting and Coaching, I then created SEOwhat.com to take the what out of SEO through my consulting techniques in 2004, and turned SEOwhat.com into a full fledged online marketing firm in 2007, as the demand for “can you do it” was on the rise. This is my passion; giving insight, explaining what is best practice for the ever changing internet and webmaster world, by helping others implement my techniques and watching them succeed. I see this demand is back more than ever.
~ Catherine Seven (C7)