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LA Styles
Carol HartmanFounder, L.A. Styles Hair Products

Big thanks to SEOWhat for our web design and engineering.

Jeanne FratelloOwner,

“The idea [of History Fest Mankato] is to make history “COME ALIVE” for the children of the Mankato area who are in fourth through sixth grade. has helped that become even more of a reality than ever before!”


Mankato Solstice

Just a quick note about SEOWhat and Kelly Wilson, their design engineer: She has helped me with all 3 of my main e-commerce websites, and came up with a truly beautiful Web 2.0 format for my latest site. Easy to work with, creative and tech-savvy. I will continue working with SEOWhat and Kelly for the foreseeable future, and would recommend her to any online vendor.


SMT inspections
Dave HuckabayOwner,

I have looked at everything and I am very pleased. I will submit your bill today and ask that it be expedited. I will have no hesitation recommending you to others. Thanks very much!

Shadows of the Blue and Gray
Todd SandersMember, and their management team has become invaluable to our ecommerce business, Sandbox Couture. They have given our on-line store the upscale baby clothes and children’s clothes boutique a competitive advantage that enabled us to grow our business quickly and consistently month over month. And, they have enabled us to compete with companies that have been in business several years longer than us with top rankings and limited PPC. The seo best practices they brought to the table have proven to be just that, and their management teams strategic thought and general business experience have made them trusted advisors to our senior management team. Additionally, in a business environment where traditionally quality customer service and SLAs that are actually met have become non existent, SEO rises above the rest and over exceeds our expectations. Their corporate philosophies, company culture and customer first approach is driven by their CEO and is clearly integrated into everything they do. We began working with in early 2006 and our only regret is that we did not engage them earlier.

John D.DiFrennaCEO, Sandbox Couture

SEOwhat is the complete solution for your web development, implementation, SMO, SEM & SEO. Catherine (owner and lead), David, Kelly, Julia and the rest of the team are simply the best group I’ve ever worked with in a consultant type role. Most “outsourced” “team members” are just that. Not SEOwhat, from Day 1 they have treated our site as if it were their own. Working late, sometimes very late, working on Saturdays and Sundays, whatever it takes. They understand our sense of urgency and match it, daily. Their work on every level is superb. We are at a point with them that we hardly ever need to revise anything-they just get it. Most importantly they deliver measurable results; our traffic grows every month as do our organic conversions. My only hesitation is writing this testimonial- I don’t want to share them.”


Joe FranciscoOwner,

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Sam DarwishOwner,

Everyone loves the new site you guys did an awesome job! So kewl I was in a meeting with Chris My Sup ( superintendent) and was telling him about the site meter and you were going to help us… and I went to show him where you were going to put it and wham it was already there!! You are so stealth and crafty! Thanks for making me look like superman! I owe ya one Hope this finds ya kicking proverbial booty! You Rock



I was so happy with the web site you created for us to honor Mother Teresa but the new and improved is just incredible….the word great is not sufficent to describe……The Photo Gallery is so much better and with the addition of the videos…Mother Teresa has a first class site…Your patience with us has been out of this world. The work of SEO is so good I am going to make as many people aware of your group to bring more business to you…I will be helping them by introducing them to you and helping you for all you have done for us. On August the 2oth we will be doing another Tribute to Mother Teresa. Marlene and I stand together before we begin to pray that we may do our best to honor and bring her to life. As we stand with our hands together we will ask Mother Teresa to bring you and all the people at SEO many blessings for your unselfish work to help us.I have tears in my eyes as I write this is sheer gratitude.

Michael J. CorgnatiExecutive Director,