Step 1 SEO Website Review includes:
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  • A complete review of your website by a human being from a search engine bot perspective.
  • A comprehensive document outlining specific problems and corrective objectives.
  • Review of your Google Webmaster Tools, this will allow us to show you bad links and how to start recovering now, on Google’s own findings.
  • 45 Minutes of Personal SEO Consulting – to review the findings of the report and answer questions you have regarding what we found.
  • < head > Head Tag Source Code Review – Tells you how your meta tags look from the bots point of view.
  • < body > Body Source Code Review – This tells you how your site’s content looks to the Search Engines. This section of the report includes identification of items you are missing (i.e. header tags, bold, and underline), what your main page’s keyword density is, and more.
  • Off-the-page factors influencing your ranking – This analysis will give you a review of your Link Popularity, your website’s Theme, Dmoz, Yahoo Listings, PR Details, and Back Link Theme.
  • Highlight Problematic Areas – This report portion lists trouble spots within your web site’s design, layout, source code, and overall usability.
  • Where Are You Ranked Today by – This report shows you where you are currently ranking for major terms within your industry.
  • SE View ReportThis report displays your page the way search engines actually view it. You can see the areas that are visible to the various search engines and where else you can apply optimization to your page. SE View Report also helps you avoid page cloaking, which is a spam technique of using 2 variants of your page – one for the users, and another one for search engine bots.


Step 1 SEO Website Review & Analysis
SEOwhat Price:  $425
Reg. Price: $625


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